About GWG

Green World Genetics Sdn. Bhd. (GWG), Malaysia’s first company that emphasises the total value chain in the food industry. The job scope of GWG encompasses the production and sales of seed, the total food value chain, providing solutions for agriculture activities (total solution), marketing of fresh produce (GFresh) and contract farming.

Multidisciplinary Research and Development (R&D) station

GWG was founded in 2007 with the establishment of its first high-quality tropical seed research and development (R&D) station in Batu Arang, Selangor. Since then, GWG has had to continue to expand further to include a branch in the northern state of Perlis, as well as six other R&D stations and farms located in Perak, Cameron Highlands, Pahang, Selangor, Terengganu, and Sarawak. The total coverage area of all our stations and farms in Malaysia is around 650 hectares.

Experienced and Skilled Professional Team

GWG employs over two hundred and thirty staff to support its activities, many holding bachelor, master, and PhD degrees in agriculture studies. The experienced and skilled professional team are the company’s main asset that will help contribute to the development of the agriculture sector in Malaysia.

GWG hires experienced foreign experts and scientists to train its research team, especially the youth, to encourage interest and develop talents in the agriculture sector. GWG also provides an internship training program for local and foreign university students in its stations and farms. So far, GWG has successfully trained over 400 students or trainees in various subjects such as plant breeding, varietal evaluation and selection, seed production, postharvest handling, and seed processing.

The Key to a Good Harvest

Seeds play an essential role in the total food value chain. As the first local company with seed R&D activity in Malaysia and Bionexus company status, GWG is focused on researching high-quality seed production. GWG products are developed from the effort of our founder based on resources and experience gained from overseas and brought back to Malaysia to be developed further. GWG helps farmers by producing high-quality tropical seeds suitable for Malaysia’s local weather and environment. Therefore, this will help farmers grow higher yields, increase their income, and expand the total food value chain’s overall worth.

Produce, Sales and Market the High-Quality Seeds

Currently, GWG has produced several types of seeds for sweet corn, grain corn, waxy corn, watermelon, melon, cucumber, pumpkin, tomato, chili, rice, etc. Besides seed production, GWG is also involved in seed marketing through its Malaysian subsidiary company, Leckat Corporation Sdn. Bhd. The company conducts sales and marketing activities for high-quality seeds of over 100 crop varieties, most of which are the leading varieties available in the local market.

Across the International Market

Besides that, GWG also markets its seed products to the international market, with a presence in South East Asia, South Asia, East Asia, the Middle East, Oceania, Southern Africa, South America, and others.

Contributes to National Food Security and The Welfare of Farmers

GWG helps solve problems faced by local farmers in getting agriculture inputs by introducing accessory products such as seedling trays, agriculture equipment, fertilisers, etc., which help reduce time and labour costs for farming activities. GWG also introduces and markets new high-quality varieties of fresh fruits and vegetables through another subsidiary company, Gfresh Sdn. Bhd.

GWG has introduced several high-quality fruit products such as melon, papaya, cherry tomato, Japanese pumpkin, and sweet corn to local consumer markets. Besides that, GWG offers consultation services and contract farming to farmers and buy back produce from farmers at reasonable price and criteria. With this method, farmers can better focus on taking care of their crops and worry less about the marketability of their produce.

In conclusion, GWG is a complete total food value chain company and contributes to national food security and the welfare of farmers.

Batu Arang Station

Multi-Functional Crop Research and Development Station

Green World Genetics Sdn Bhd (GWG) is the first local company to emphasise the total food value chain. GWG was founded in 2007, the only seed company in Malaysia that operated its crop research and development station.

The establishment of its first tropical seed research and development station was carried out in Batu Arang, Selangor. The station covers around 13 acres of land, divided into open field cultivation areas and fertigation cropping systems in rain shelters, intending to produce new crop varieties. The GWG Batu Arang station has 13 rain shelters covering 5 acres of land for breeding and growing high-quality melons. The marketing activities of its fresh produce are carried out by GFresh Sdn. Bhd, a subsidiary company of GWG.

GWG Batu Arang Station is now well-known as a multi-functional crop research and development station in Malaysia. It employs over 30 staff consisting of agronomists, seed scientists, and biomolecular experts. The station is frequently visited by various agriculture institutions, farmers, agriculture traders, and university students as part of their field visits. Therefore, GWG Batu Arang Station plays a vital role as:

1) Research and Development Centre for High-Quality Tropical Seeds

GWG focused on five essential agriculture crops: rice, sweet corn, chili, melon, and cucurbits (cucumber and pumpkin) for production, evaluation, and selection of high-quality seeds.

2) Crop and Seed Quality Control and Surveillance 

The activities consist of two methods: open-field planting to monitor seed purity and crop performance to meet crop growth expectation level. The second involves a seed germination test applying biomolecular technology to fulfil customer demand before selling it in the market.

3) Seed Production and Processing

Seeds produced in GWG station are subjected to an initial cleaning process before storage can be done.

4) Demonstration Station and Training Centre

Accepting visitors from government agriculture agencies, local & foreign farmers, and students from the agriculture institute of learning and providing training courses to understand better & improve their knowledge of agriculture and the total food value chain.

5) Provide Internship Program for Agriculture Students

GWG collaborate with local and international universities to provide a professional internship program for three to six months period, encompassing theory and practical courses so that the graduate students would obtain agriculture knowledge and gain working experience in the station operation.

Cameron Highland Station

As the leading seed company in Malaysia, Green World Genetics Sdn Bhd (GWG) focuses the R&D for both highland and lowland crops. Despite the limited highlands in Malaysia, GWG still managed to establish the first privately owned highland R&D station in Cameron Highlands, to focus on sub-tropical and temperate crops. GWG aims to develop, produce and provide the highest quality temperate crops through research and development from the Cameron Highlands station.

The farm which is located in Brinchang, Cameron Highlands, the highest point of the highlands. Our research centre covers an area of total 6 acres in total. It is managed and operated by a team of more than ten professionals that consist of breeders, agronomists, seed and fresh production specialists and etc who are dedicated to researching and cultivating subtropical/temperate crops. The centre has 2 acres of greenhouses and 4 acres of open fields for year-round research activities.

The main functions of GWG’s research centre include the following:

  1. Breeding for subtropical/temperate crops, such as sweet corn, cucumber, brassica, tomatoes, and sweet peppers.
  2. Selecting and evaluating superior new varieties along with breeding crops.
  3. Producing high-quality fresh fruits and vegetables through in-house production and contract farming program and merchandising via GWG Fresh (GWG subsidiary company to market premium quality fresh produce).
  4. Conducting small-scale seed production activities for both subtropical/temperate crops.

Moreover, the GWG research centre brings a wide array of advantages to local farmers by providing the actual variety data based on the local planting, which can help the farm to have a better understanding of the variety and reduce their risk in planting. Only through the local breeding program, GWG can develop the variety that is best suited to the local weather and become the core competency for GWG.

Northern branch
The northern branch of GWG has multiple functions, including seed breeding, seed production, contract farming, selection and evaluation of new varieties, sales and marketing of seed and fresh products, as well as learning and promotion site for the maize and paddy crops for all the interest parties. The main crops under research and development include high-quality maize, rice, papaya, sweet corn, pumpkin, cucumber, watermelon, etc.
Maize is one of the key animal feed ingredients, but Malaysia fully imports maize from overseas. The high dependency on maize has caused the spike in feed prices and hence affects the animal farms and also the outflow of the Malaysian Ringgit due to the fluctuation of the maize price in the last few years. GWG’s northern branch is determined to solve the issue from the root cause. It has established the first and only corn processing plant in Malaysia in the Pauh station, which has a daily processing capacity of 300 tons and can serve 4,500 hectares of corn planting area. GWG’s northern branch continues to promote and attract more players to join the maize program and is determined to be one of the major maize development centres of this nation.
GWG has always been committed to providing growers with the best quality products and services through advanced scientific technology. The northern branch of GWG is an essential part of the company’s history in agricultural research and production. It has played an important role in improving the quality and efficiency of agricultural products.
GWG research centre is designed to improve plant breeding that benefits every participant in the agriculture supply chain. GWG also thrives to maintain the nation’s food security by providing solutions through innovations that expedite food production that is accessible for everyone. In the future, GWG will continue to leverage its innovative spirit and contribute more to the development of the agricultural industry.
Rhu Tapai Station

In alignment with the Malaysian government’s efforts to decrease the dependence on imported maize grains in the livestock industry, Green World Genetics Sdn Bhd (GWG) has invested RM27 million to research and develop maize cultivation methods.

GWG established a research and production station at Rhu Tapai, Terengganu, in 2015, which spans around 119 acres of land and is run by 15 experienced and trained staff. The station is frequently visited by various visitors, including agricultural institutions, farmers, agricultural traders, and university students, as part of maize planting or agricultural field visits.

GWG Rhu Tapai station not only focuses on R&D and maize breeding but also implements a breeding program for tropical Cucurbitaceae (cucumber & pumpkin) and strives to produce high-quality fresh fruits like papaya. Through its local breeding program, the station helps to develop varieties that are best suited to the local weather conditions. In addition, it provides a contract farming program for melon and papaya growers, and these fruits are merchandised through GWG Fresh (GWG subsidiary company to market premium quality fresh produce).

The station will continue to play a significant role in the company’s growth and the nation’s maize production. It will achieve this by producing top-quality seeds that benefit farmers and the wider community involved in the agriculture supply chain.

Debak Station

The GWG Debak Research Station is a collaboration between GWG with the Sarawak state government, established in 2020, aims to improve the local seed industry and also to benefit the local growers by introducing the latest varieties with better disease resistance, eating quality and hence to improve on the yield and returns to the grower.

Currently, the station is managed by a team of 20 experts in plant breeding, product evaluation, seed and fresh production in the 68 acres of land. Besides carrying out the normal routine activities, the station also serves as a learning platform by introducing our new products/technologies/planting methods to visitors, including agricultural institutions, farmers, agricultural traders, and university students. Through the sharing sessions with all the visitors, GWG hopes to improve the exposure of the local industry players to the latest information and attract more youngsters to join in this potential industry and hence develop the human capital to further develop the industry.

At GWG Debak Station, we are dedicated to research and development, primarily focusing on paddy, papaya, sweet corn, maize, and other horticulture crops. Our team prioritizes developing varieties tailored to the local planting conditions like soil conditions, disease-resistant, and weather conditions. Only with the local R&D program, it can directly benefit local growers as all the trials and results are based on the local planting condition and can be applied directly by local growers. Our ultimate goal is to empower farmers to produce high-quality crops that serve immediate consumption needs and meet the market’s demands. GWG Debak Station is committed to being a leader in agricultural innovation and seed production in the industry.

Leckat Corporation Sdn Bhd

Leckat Corporation Sdn Bhd is a subsidiary under Green World Genetics (GWG), acting as the domestic marketing arm for both the GWG and Leckat brands. The company carries commercial seed products for the agriculture industry, as well as products for the home garden segment, including Little Garden and Green World seeds.

Since its establishment, Leckat Corporation Sdn Bhd has been one of the pioneers in introducing hybrid products to the Malaysian market. This move has improved the output and returns to growers, establishing the company as a leader in the seed industry. Leckat Corporation Sdn Bhd has expanded its product range beyond seeds, providing a one-stop solution for both growers and dealers.

One of the company’s strengths is the strong technical support it receives from its mother company, GWG. GWG is the only local seed company with an R&D program and the only one to have its farm trial and evaluate new varieties. The company only launches seeds to the market after trials to ensure that only quality seeds are delivered to customers.

Leckat Corporation Sdn Bhd has established a sales distribution network of more than 300 dealers in Malaysia. The company works closely with its dealers to promote and introduce good varieties to growers, providing excellent customer service.

The company’s technical support team makes intensive field visits to growers’ farms to provide technical support and receive feedback from them. This approach enables the company to understand the market needs and continuously improve its products to meet the demands of growers.

Leckat Corporation Sdn Bhd is an innovative solution provider, bringing new and improved products like Innovak foliar fertilizer and Kekkila peat moss to solve grower issues. The company has also introduced trellis net and knapsack sprayer 2 in1 products to improve grower efficiency.

The company’s latest product introductions include white sweet corn in Cameron and mini watermelon, which are high-value, high-impact products that bring modern farming benefits to growers. Leckat Corporation Sdn Bhd continues to push the boundaries of the seed industry, introducing innovative products that benefit growers and dealers alike.

In conclusion, Leckat Corporation Sdn Bhd is a leader in the seed industry in Malaysia. With a wide range of high-quality products, a strong technical support team, and an innovative approach to problem-solving, the company is well-positioned to continue growing and expanding its product range to meet the needs of the agriculture industry in Malaysia.

GWG Fresh Sdn Bhd

GWG Fresh Sdn Bhd (GFresh), established in 2015, is a dedicated subsidiary of Green World Genetics Sdn Bhd (GWG). We focus on introducing and supplying unique, high-value products developed by our parent company. We offer an extensive range of produce, including papaya, melon, watermelon, sweet corn, strawberry tomato, cucumber, pumpkin, and many more.

At GFresh, we are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality fruits and vegetables. We carefully select each item, ensuring only the freshest and most flavorful produce is provided. Our quality control team rigorously ensures that every product meets our strict freshness, taste, and appearance standards. We are also fully engaged in every component of the supply chain, from variety selection and production to processing, marketing, and distribution. This total involvement enables us to maintain transparency and provide traceability to our consumers.

We recognize the importance of product safety for our customers. As such, the majority of our production sites are MyGAP certified, as awarded by the Malaysian Agriculture Ministry. This certification ensures that our production sites adhere to strict food safety standards, giving our customers a peace of mind when purchasing our products. 

About GWG

Established in 2007, Green World Genetics Sdn. Bhd. (GWG) is a R&D-based company that specialize in high quality non-GMO tropical hybrid seeds breeding. Our main activities include the breeding, production and marketing of high-quality tropical hybrid seeds.

The Key to a Good Harvest

Quality seeds are the key to a good harvest; hence GWG’s business focus is to develop high quality hybrid seeds that are suitable for cultivation in the tropical regions though our own standard operation procedure (SOP) that meet with the international standards. GWG’s seeds are produced from innovative breeding programs with strict quality control to ensure that our seed are of the highest standards and fulfill our customers’ expectation. Our products range of seeds includes field crops, leafy vegetables, fruity crops, and flowers.

Multi-Disciplinary Crop Research

We strongly emphasize on the application of seed R&D to develop and disseminate good seeds in order to increase yield, productivity, and quality in the agricultural sector. We are one of very few pioneering organisations in the region that engaged in multi-disciplinary crop improvement research programmes using biotechnological tools such as molecular marker-assisted selection.

Experienced and Skilled Professional

About 85% of our workforces are experienced and skilled graduates with a professional degree in agriculture related fields that consist of plant breeders, agronomists, seed technologists, biotechnologists, and physiologists. We focus on extensive research pursuits with the aim of enhancing the genetic profile of crops to reduce biotic constraints such as diseases and pests, increase yield, and improve crop nutritional value and eating quality. To this end, we continue to support data collection, field testing, multiplication of seeds, and laboratory analysis in the quest to find new solutions and improvements for a wide range of commercial crops. Our expertise in the field allows farmers to enhance their productivity and incomes, which will eventually lead to long-term economic growth and also solve the imminent food crisis in the near future.

Across Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa Regions

We are deeply committed to our regional seed breeding programs, which focus on developing tropical crops for the region.  Our key strengths are the availability of multi-location breeding centres and production areas that allow our company to conduct a variety of activities and evaluations in various locations to ensure our products are suitable for a wide range of environments. While we are based in Malaysia, our business operation spans across Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa regions, enabling us to conduct market-driven technical studies and commercial activities though our strong global business networking and linkages.