Green World Genetics CSR

Internship Program

GWG internship program offers comprehensive learning and development opportunities as well as promising career prospects to young talents.As a market leader in the industry, it is our duty to prepare a platform for the nation’s youth to nurture new talents in order to meet the industry standards and national aspirations. With the diversity of our operations in the agricultural industry, the GWG Internship Program is ideal for undergraduates who are interested in testing their abilities on genuine business challenges, and be exposed to real work responsibilities.

National Dual Training System

At GWG, we are also cooperating with the government sector in social development under the program: National Dual Training System (Also known as SLDN).

SLDN is an industry-oriented training that combines workplace and institutional training. Under the program, apprentices will be exposed to practical skills training in addition to attending theoretical class. Successful apprentices will be awarded a national skills qualification certificate by the Department of Skills Development.

EPP 14

The EPP 14 development of the seed industry was formed as part of Malaysia’s National Transformation Programme, aiming to elevate the country to developed-nation status by 2020. It was a privilege for Green World Genetics to be appointed as EPP’s first anchor company in 2014. Since then, the company has trained more than 100 out-growers up till 2017. The training entailed the development of young entrepreneurs on how to produce good quality seeds.

Agro-entrepreneurship program

While the agro-entrepreneurship program provides training for those interested in farming, it also supports businesses by agro-entrepreneurs through produce buybacks (either fresh or seed form). Apart from that, it serves as a business platform for anyone interested in farming. The program creates and cultivates a stimulating environment to nurture future leaders in the agricultural industry.

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