Who are we

Green World Genetics Sdn Bhd or GWG in short, is a total food value chain organization specialized in the research and development of tropical hybrid seeds. With a strong focus on the improvement of our agricultural produce, GWG is always pushing boundaries to be better. Well-integrated into our beliefs is the need to be innovative.

GWG has collaborated with a long list of notable partners, ranging from local to international research institutions. Additionally, GWG has also worked with world-recognized universities to pursue cutting-edge agricultural technologies and solutions.

Our Business Activities

Research & Development

With our technical experience and knowledge, we pave the way to a good harvest.


Our production facility is equipped with advanced techonology to provide results.


We distribute our products in a timely and organized manner for customers.

Starting from the beginning

Quality Seeds are the key to a good harvest. Therefore, GWG acquires and uses only the best quality of high-value germplasm for development and multiplication. Our team engages in activities to develop quality hybrid seeds that have excellent germination rate and growth by utilizing the clean seed production (CSP) concept. Through our constant innovation, we have developed and disseminated good seeds to boost efficiency, productivity, quality and yield in the agricultural sector.

We pride in being hands-on in our business. Everything from innovating research for our seeds, to manufacturing and distribution, we see to it that only the best is available in the market.

Total food value Chain

Focus on high value tropical hybrid seeds. 

Covery seeds and fresh production 

Reliable distribution network

Well established branding and image

Provide quality services & products

Our brands



GWG is awarded by Malaysia Agriculture Ministry with MyGAP certificate 



GWG is awarded to qualified companies undertaking value-added biotechnology and life sciences activities.